More MKIX pictures

In october 1958 the MKIX was presented to the public.

The MKIX looks exactly the same as the MKVIII apart from the badges on the bootlid, but the MKIX has a number of significant changes. It was the first Jaguar saloon with (standard) dunlop disc-brakes (4), and power steering. It was also the first production car with the 3.8 xk engine.

3781 cc, 220bhp at 5500 rpm,

compression 8:1 (or optional 7:1)

manual or borg warner gearbox.

0-60 mph 11.3 secs
max speed 114 mph
A total of 10005 MKIX were built (5984 rhd and 4021 lhd)

In september 1961 the last MKIX was built, ut the British Ministry of defence orderd an other 27 cars. Most of them had a separation window. Those cars are known as the MKVIII B