More MKVII,VIIM pictures

The Jaguar MKVII was introduced in october 1950.
The MKVII was the first post-war saloon. A very outstanding feature is the splitted front window. The chasis and gearbox are the same as in the MKV, but a number of changes were made, such as servo brakes and different shockabsorbers.
It was the first post-war saloon that became famous all over the world.
It has a wheelbase of 10ft, overall length of 16ft 4.5 inch and a width of 6ft 1
The MKVII is the first car with the 3,4 XK engine:
3442 cc, 160bhp at 5200 rpm,
compression 8:1 (or optional 7:1)
manual or borg warner gearbox.
Performance: 0-60 mph 13.7 secs max speed 101 mph A total of 20939 MKVII were built (12755 rhd and 8184 lhd)


In september 1954 the MKVII M was introduced.
It had a lot of improvements/changes compared with the MKVII. At the outside the front was changed, the inset fog lamps had been moved to outboard positions on the bumper, flashing indicators on the front wings, and horn grilles replaced the fog lamps. The bumpers where also changed. There were some minor changes inside such as the flatt steering wheel knob.

The engine was also modified: 190 bhp at 5500rpm, the gearbox ratio's were different. One could choose between a manual gearbox, a borg warner automatic and a Laycock de Normanville overdrive.

0-60 mph 14.3 secs
max speed 104 mph
A total of 9261 MKVII M were built (7245 rhd and 2016 lhd)